“Poe – A Dream Within A Dream” released April 16, 2021 to critical acclaim. We were joined by six talented musicians who (mostly) recorded their parts remotely during the pandemic. This has been a dream project for us, to say the least. Available in 24-bit, 48kHz digital goodness and a beautiful limited-edition CD package on Bandcamp.

As this might imply, the pleasure of these musical texts is in the textures and the timbres woven into them; the heart of the music consists in rhythmically interlocking layers of voices and overlapping instrumental colors. There is much here in a minor key, of course—that’s just how it is with Poe’s tales of the grotesque and arabesque, as one old Doubleday edition would have it—but enough of a range in moods to keep things from falling into an eternal Halloween of the morbid mind.

Daniel Barbiero, Avant Music News

There’s some really beautiful music here. I highly recommend it. This music is so satisfying, You can listen to it on a deep level, deep listening. I can see where watching a film with this would be great but the music is so filmic and cinematic that it creates pictures in my head. I don’t need any [visual] accompaniment. It is beautifully recorded.

Derek Higgins

“One of the main reasons that Image Entertainment has replaced their 1998 DVD of Nosferatu comes on the soundtrack. In addition to Timothy Howard’s organ score … an eclectic duo named The Silent Orchestra perform an alternate score. … they weave a wonderfully atmospheric and intense sound. Particularly impressive is the pounding electronic aural assault that accompanies Count Orlak when he goes on the attack.“
– Gary Johnson Images Journal

“The real revelation of Image’s new transfer, though, is the spectacular score written and performed by The Silent Orchestra. The score is filled with beautiful melodies that perfectly reflect the action. It’s innovative and imaginative, and greatly enhances the experience…”

– Fred Hunter, The Classics on DVD

The “Silent Orchestra” compositions give the undead film a new life. This rock-jazz-classical track positively breathes in the way that Dracula never could.

– Jason A. Miller, New York, New York

The film is available with several scores rooted in the 19th century period of the film. The Silent Orchestra score has far greater appeal to a younger audience. It reminds me of Franz Waxman and Danny Elfman.”
– David Shepard, Film Preservation Associates”

The Thirteenth Virginia Film Festival

We received a lot of wonderful feedback from folks attending the Thirteenth Virginia Film Festival. Our performance of Nosferatu was the opening event of this year’s festival. Here’s what festival director, Richard Herskowitz, had to say about us in his wrapup report:

“The festival was highlighted by three extraordinary screenings at Culbreth Theater that were among the most memorable in Festival history. The opening night presentation was a double feature of Nosferatu and Shadow of the vampire, with Silent Orchestra performing its majestic score for Nosferatu. Both the night’s standing ovation and the acclaim registered in the audience surveys registered great appreciation for the revelatory effect of juxtaposing the two films and adding a contemporary score.”

“The film was accompanied by a new soundtrack by the Silent Orchestra, a two man group that put on a hell of a live performance. We were informed by David Shepard, the archivist who restored the print, that this print along with the new soundtrack, will be released on DVD December 31, not coincidently two days after the release of Shadow of the Vampire to theaters.” – John Shea TNMC Movies

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